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Akana, Gabriella
Assistant Head of School/Middle School Division Head

Anderson, Joe
Head Teacher - Grade 3

Ariza, Vivian
Science Teacher (6 & 8) | Department Chair | Grade 6 Advisor

Aycud, Lilly
Music Specialist (3-8)

Baker, Courtney
Director of Strategic Operations and Communications

Bant, Hilary
Teaching Assistant - Early Childhood Division

Bender, Diana
Latin Teacher (6-8) | Middle School Dean | Advisory Coordinator | Grade 7 Advisor

Bersanetti, Gianluca
Music Specialist (Early Childhood - Grade 2)

Bindel, Erika
Co-Teacher and Science Specialist - Grade 1

Branch, Kandace
Co-Teacher - Grade 2

Braunstein, Marc
Spanish Teacher (5-8) |Grade 7 Advisor

Brown-Jackson, Jairus
Registrar/Assistant to Assistant Head of School/Middle School Division Head

Buonocore, Rodolfo
Art Specialist (Grades K-3)

Burd, Sean
Auxiliary Program Teacher

Cacitti, Casey
Middle Humanities Teacher (6) | Grade 6 AdvisorHumanities Teacher/Advisor

Caldwell, Juanita
P.E. Specialist

Campbell, Chynna
Co-Teacher - Grade 3

Carter, James
Elementary Faculty

Castro, Judith
Spanish Specialist (Grades 1-4)

Coates, Casey
Head Teacher - Kindergarten

Cox, Sharon
Early Childhood Division Head

Cressey, Paul
IT Manager

Davis, Christian
Director of Admission and Enrollment Management

Fay, Megan
Co-Teacher - Grade 5

Finch, Julia
Co-Teacher - Grade 4

Friedman, Ilise
Director of Advancement

Gil, Megan
Head Teacher - Preschool

Habib, Tram
Head Teacher - Grade 4

Hassan, Evan
Assistant Director of Admission and Enrollment Management

Jones, Maria
Head Teacher - Grade 3

Kaminsky, Heidi
Human Resources Manager

Kelly, Gina
After School Experience Coordinator

Kern, Nicole
Head Teacher - Kindergarten

Kilgore, Danyel
Head Teacher - Preschool

Kline, Matt
Science Teacher (7) | Middle School Dean | Grade 8 Advisor | CSL Coordinator (5-8)

Konigsberg, Laura
Head of School

Lemucchi, Justin
Humanities Teacher (7) | Middle School Dean | Grade 7 Advisor

Lesser, Joshua
Theater Specialist

Loera, Simon
Facilities Staff

Mahlanza, Mosa
Head Teacher - Grade 2

Malonzo, Rachele
Head Teacher - Grade 1

Marchbanks, Leila
Humanities Teacher (5) | Grade 5 Advisor

McArdle, Ashley
Head Teacher - Grade 4

Medellin, Monique
Head Teacher - Pre-K

Miller, Erin
Science Specialist, Grades 2-5

Montesano, Paige
Humanities Teacher (8) | Department Chair | Grade 8 Advisor

Olvera, Mariah
Preschool Teaching Assistant

Parker, Nadine
Head Teacher - Grade 2

Philpott, Amy
Librarian and Research Specialist

Pritchet, Karen
Math Teacher (7-8) | Department Chair | Grade 8 Advisor

Purtell, Kathleen

Reynolds, Maria
Head Teacher - Pre-K

Reynolds, Travis
Educational Technology & Innovation Coordinator

Rios, Nancy
Co-Teacher - Grade 1

Rodriguez, Diana
Spanish Specialist and After Care Teacher (ECD)

Saelens, Shelby
Co-Teacher - Kindergarten

Segar, Will
Elementary Division Head

Shepardson, Sarah
Advancement Associate

Sibley, Katie
Student Learning Support Coordinator

Sloan, Rory
Art Specialist (4-8)

Smith, Tiniah
Admissions Associate

Snyder, Jacob
Director of Athletics and Safety

Spies, Kameron
Director of Teaching and Learning

Tahmasebi, Nikoo
Co-Teacher and Science Specialist - Kindergarten

Tiefenthaler, Marina
Teaching Assistant - Early Childhood Division

Uehara, Hiro
Facilities Coordinator

Vasquez, Jenny
Sr. Associate Director of Admission and Enrollment Management

Victorio, Gabriela
Teaching Assistant - Early Childhood Division

Wagner, Jami
Math Teacher (5-6) | Grade 5 Advisor

Wan, John
Technology Specialist (K-5)/Middle School Multimedia

Webber, Mollie
Administrative Assistant to the Elementary School Division Head

Welsh, Jason
Physical Education Specialist

Wrather, Danielle
Head Teacher - Grade 1

Wydrinski, Jesse
Auxiliary Program Teacher

Yzaguirre, Julia
Chief Financial Officer

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